NEW DIY | Baseball Necklace Tee Tutorial

Monday, August 17, 2015

how to make a diy baseball necklace tee

baseball necklace tee j crew
how to make a diy baseball necklace tee via Kristina J blog
how to make a diy baseball necklace tee tutorial j crew via Kristina J blog

I know minimalism is all the rage right now, but there's something in me that always craves a little flash and sparkle. Add to that the countless J.Crew catalogs I've poured over and you'll get my idea for this baseball tee project.  It doesn't even need to be a baseball tee for this to work. Any shirt or sweater will do. 

jcrew baseball necklace tee diy

what you need pink
--gold chain (you can find this at Walmart as well as Joann Fabric stores
--needle and thread
--wire cutters

baseball necklace tee tutorial via Kristina J blog
what you do pink

1.  Mark the center of tee neckline.
2.  Starting from one end of chain, bring needle up through inside of chain and down on the outside of same link. 
3.  Progress along neck edge, tacking each link to tee.
4.  Mark and position second row of rhinestones.

diy baseball necklace tee via Kristina J blog
5.  Using same technique as with the chain, attach each link of rhinestone chain to tee.
6.  At the end, pull thread through to inside.
7.  Tie small knot on inside to secure thread.
8.  Done.

diy baseball tee tutorial
diy baseball necklace tee via Kristina J blogdiy baseball necklace tee tutorial embelleshment
how to make a baseball necklace tee tutorial via Kristina J blog

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Midwest Gamine

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

modest summer outfit
J.Crew skirt old |  LOFT tee |  Old Navy bag |  Gap jacket |  Steve Madden flats |  c/o wood watch

modest summer outfit
modest summer outfit
modest summer outfit
I've never been particularly classy (though I DO try). No, I get too sidetracked; too enamored with the latest variations of the classics to do those classic gamine styles justice. Several years ago, I read Parisian Chic: A Style Guide by Ines de la Fressange, the super-guide to looking clean and neat like a classy Parisian. While reading, I discovered what I already knew--my biggest hangup with gamine style is that I get bored. I want color, bling, razz-ma-tazz! Which can sometimes look JUST TOO MUCH. 
And yet, I go there. 
Le sigh....
It will have to be enough that I feel clean and neat (if not completely Parisian) when wearing the occasional breton stripe. 

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NEW DESIGN | Peaches + Cream Dress

Friday, August 7, 2015

modest summer dress
peaches and cream dress design via Kristina j blog
peaches and cream modest summer dress via kristinajblog

This dress was an experiment in gathers and flow. I attached the skirt portion to two different bodices and took them apart before settling on this simple one. I wanted to create a summer dress with a bodice that didn't compete with the amazing coral netting. This skirt fabric has the softest feel you can imagine. No stiff tulle here. It's all feathers and whispers completely in balance with the soft cream lace. The DIY bridal jewel hair comb tutorial is posted here.

modest dresses via Kristina J blog
modest summer dress via Kristina J blog
 modest summer dresses via Kristina J blogmodest summer midi dress via Kristina j blog
modest dresses for summer via Kristina j blog
modest dress design via Kristina J blog
kristina j dress

I've decided to start selling some of my older design samples, because a girl can only wear so many dresses and I create so many in a year that it seems a shame for the beauties to die a slow, unloved death in my closet. I will be sharing news of the sales on my Instagram account @thekristinajblog. Follow along over there if you want the most current updates on which dresses and DIY projects are being listed.

In the meantime, the Peaches + Cream Dress is up for auction on eBay, where you can bid for a chance to win this dress!

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Dreaming of Havana

Thursday, August 6, 2015

cut modest outfit
Land's End Blouse old |  LOFT skirt |  Nine West wedges |  Target hat |  HM shades | Thrifted clutch

modest midi skirt outfit for summer via kristina j blog
cute summer midi skirt outfit via kristina j blog
summer midi skirt

I've always wanted to travel to Havana. Not likely to happen any time soon, but still,a girl can dream. Which is exactly what I do. I'm the girl who get Foder's travel books from the library and plans complete trips to wherever in the world I happen to be dreaming about. Current obsession...old town Havana. Wearing a hat puts me in the mood and is as close as I'm gonna get to strolling El Paseo de Marti. 
Yep, my Panama hat does that for me, Ironically, the hat has nothing to do with Havana, but what even.  I never said it made sense.

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TUTORIAL | How to Add A Basic Bodice to a Strapless Dress

Monday, August 3, 2015

how to refashion strapless dress 4
refashioned sundress
how to refashion a strapless dress to have sleeves

what you need red
--strapless dress (this one was damaged with the elastic missing)
--1.5 yards of fabric
--shirt pattern if you don't draft patterns (Any crew neck shirt pattern with a back seam will work, but you can try this scoop neck shirt pattern from Simplicity 1693.)
--Double fold bias tape in a color that coordinates with your bodice and dress. 
--7 inches of 1mm elastic cording 
--1 small pearl button
 pattern for strapless dress refashion
how to refashion a strapless dress to have sleeves
what you do red
1.  Cut your bodice fabric using pattern or drafting your own. You can shorten your pattern to a length of 3-5 inches under the armpit. 
Stitch the bodice together at shoulder, sides and back seams, leaving 4 inches open along top edge of back seam. Press top edge of dress under 1/2 inch and pin folded edge in place to bodice. (My dress was quite gathered, so I took it in at the sides to fit smoothly over my bodice.)
2.  Edge-stitch along folded edge of dress to attach to bodice. Zig-zag seam on inside to prevent fraying. At this point, I put in the sleeves. 
3.  At inside of back seam,  fold seam allowance under and top-stitch 1/4 inch from edge.
4.  Stitch bias tape to right side of neckline.

refashioned sundress
5.  Trim and clip neckline. 
6.  Press bias tape up and to inside of neckline.
7.  Fold ends of bias tape to inside of blouse and top-stitch in ditch along neckline to finish edge. 
8.  Lay elastic cord in a loop under bias tape on inside of bodice. Run several stitches over to secure.

refashioned sundress
9.   The elastic loop should extend past the bodice edge like this. 
10.  Attach small button to other side of bodice at neckline edge.
11.  DONE.

refashioned strapless dress
how to refashion a strapless dress to be modest via kristina j blog
diy refashioned strapless dress via kristina j blog

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